Heart of the Bison

In the midst of a storm...

most animals run away allowing the storm to follow them, prolonging the strain, turmoil and pain. However, the bison turns and faces the storm instinctively knowing that, while they may endure a more intense season, they will soon find themselves on the other side of the storm. In short, their bravery leads to relief.

Which will you be?

Will you prolong suffering by running away from the pain... or will you turn and face your storm, do the hard things, and make it through?

That's the heart of the bison.

Face Your Storm™

We exist to

Tell stories of


(through video, written word, podcasts, etc.)

Encourage & Inspire you to


(through encouragement, tools, swag, etc.)

& most importantly...

to rediscover the roots of courage, mainly faith in someone greater than ourselves.

2 corinthians 4:16-18

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